I was totally AMAZED when I reviewed Selling BEYOND Survival.  It seems like Lance Cooper knew exactly what my sales team was struggling with.  (Roger Anderson, State Manager, Omaha Woodmen Life Insurance Society)

Lance Cooper’s book reveals a step-by-step winning sales formula to insure individual and team results. The results are demonstrated by the hundreds of companies and thousands of lives who have benefited by Selling BEYOND Survival.  (Jack Plating, (retired) Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Verizon Wireless)

Every month men and women work to sell a certain number of widgets, service contracts, or life insurance premium. These high-activity salespeople find themselves selling just enough to survive. They work hard, some long hours, yet success eludes them. Until one day they make a change in their routine, see a better way, and earn more money in the same amount of time. With better activity management, appointment and quoting levels rise, until finally, breakthrough occurs. Smart activity replaces unguided effort. Now each quarter, as high-activity sales professionals, their monthly sales increase so they win the trips, get the recognition, save money, pay off debt, and pay for purchases with cash.



In Selling BEYOND Survival, learn the attitudes,

skills, and steps in a high-activity sales system -

one that focuses sales time on essential activities.

Please buy the book. Learn to lay down at night

knowing you have an excellent chance of earning

money for your needs and not your company’s

budget requirements.  Get better. Sharpen your saw.

Chop wood, carry water, enjoy the fire!

So Why Selling BEYOND Survival?  Why write this book?

I have trained salespeople and sales managers for over 20 years in multiple industries - both small businesses and large corporations - male and female - the catalysts of American enterprise - salespeople, high activity salespeople.  And I love them - business HUNTERS, a bunch of good-willed people trying to make things happen to earn a customer and a living. 

I have enjoyed working around these sales animals - thoroughbreds born to run to meet deadlines and achieve goals in short bursts one month after another. New sales every month - Short sales cycle, quick bursts of energy, socially driven, deadline motivated, and wanting to FINISH well.

One day I noticed a change. Gradual at first and after a few years the change seemed to sweep the sales forces I was asked to train.  While it had always been a difficult and fun challenge to get people to set goals, learn new skills, and work to achieve their dreams, now the character traits to get those dreams to reality had diminished. Even getting someone to set a goal and commit themselves turned into molasses and mud and tight puzzled brows.

What was happening? Profound changes had been occurring throughout our country affecting the values, beliefs, attitudes and character of those just entering our nation's sales forces.

  1. -Standards were being lowered -

  drinking water, dress, military acceptance, morality, etc

  1. -The family structure was breaking down leaving many

  growing children with absent dads

  1. -The United States Center for Disease Control reports that

  85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders

  come from fatherless homes.  Studies involving over 25,000

  children, who lived with only one parent had lower grade point averages, lower college 

  ambition, poor attendance records, and higher drop out rates than students who lived with

  both parents.     

  1. -The values of a religious influence were being left behind taking away a second major

  learning ground for character traits like hard work ethic, discipline, and service to others.

  1. -And, finally an entitlement culture was seeping into our country, our schools, and even youth sports. And as Carol Dweck mentions in her book Mindset, the minds of people can become fixed in a belief that success should be easy, a perfect patty to a trophy a goal and end-result focused and not in a personal growth where success means failing at times and giving your best in a process to grow and beat through the obstacles to goal-achievement where goal-achievement is an output of character traits like perseverance.

Because of these and other factors I noticed salespeople lying inert and waiting - motivated one day and not the next - waiting for someone to point them or give them a goal - waiting to be told what is important - waiting.

As these factors and their behaviors swept through our culture I saw salespeople even at older ages operating in a fixed mindset mentality without a clear understanding of what they wanted and the activity and mental management it would take to get there and the struggle it would take to achieve the goals and yes their dreams.  And, it hurt them.  As Michael Kimmell, author of the book Guyland notes, It has left the youngest of them at age 25 even 30, not maturing and growing into new skills and character traits.

So, I began to change my training and development processes.  I benchmarked the sales mindset of high-activity sales professionals and created a best practice system and a set of operating beliefs.  I then began to ask coaching questions during training kickoffs and subsequent weekly follow ups that helped new reps see how they could change their lives with a proven system  - one that would inspire them. I taught them how to customize a sales funnel and develop the character traits to manage it in a way that would lead to results and more importantly would help them put purpose and meaning into their sales activities.

WOW! -  some of them got it.  Some made

the choice.  They decided to get better - to break

through - to get committed to a goal - one that

was emotional to them and represented building

a better life. 

When that happened, their focus changed. They

sat forward. They learned. They applied themselves. They began to learn the activity management principles and the proven system I've placed in the book.  They learned what levels of the right activities would lead to their sales, income, and lifestyle goals.  They grew as professionals, their activity management changed and improved, and their sales and income increased. Their referrals grew. Their results got better because they worked at specific activity levels leading to sales results, income, and personal lifestyle needs - ones that would give them a better life - like eliminating debt, buying a home, or putting aside savings. 

Today I've become a coach and mentor to many sales leaders and reps and it has impacted sales results.  Their changed mindset and increased professionalism has also impacted them off the job. 

That's why I wrote the book - to bring some of the ideas I've learned that have helped other salespeople and business owners like you - people I may never see or touch myself. Please buy the book and tell me what you think.  As a BONUS for buying Selling BEYOND Survival, you will receive FREE ACCESS to ten video lessons and a total of 30 minutes worth of online training as a thank you for your purchase.


Learn to Coach Yourself and Others to Sell BEYOND Survival!


The Essential System for High-Activity Sales Professionals

Lance Cooper, M.A.

Author • Speaker • Trainer

... a great book, Selling BEYOND Survival focuses on the one area where salespeople have complete control—their activities. This powerful, practical, fast-moving book shows you how to get organized and get busy making sales in less time. Brian Tracy, Author, The Psychology of Selling